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Updated on Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tony & Pam Rice Invite Memorial Donations to Bluegrass Heritage Foundation's "Play It Forward!" Project

Tony and ChrisAfter losing their son, John Christian Scott, in a mid-August accident, pioneering bluegrass guitarist Tony Rice and his wife, Pamela, have asked for memorial contributions to be made to a very special cause. 

"We have designated the 'Play It Forward!' project, developed by the Bluegrass Heritage Foundation, as our choice for anyone wishing to make contributions in Chris' memory,” said the Rices in a statement on August 28. "We believe it is the best of all possible ways to plant the seeds necessary for bluegrass music to grow and thrive.”

The Rices encourage friends and fans to donate to the Bluegrass Heritage Foundation by purchasing a DVD of Fanning The Fire, a new short film that explores the uniquely American music form of bluegrass and its broad appeal to beginning players and professionals alike. The DVD is available for a minimum donation of $15 per copy to the Foundation and may be ordered at

"To think about what Tony and Pamela must be going through is more than I can imagine,” said Alan W. Tompkins, president of the Bluegrass Heritage Foundation. "I was deeply moved to think that they would consider what the Bluegrass Heritage Foundation has done to be worthy of a memorial for their son.”

Fanning the Fire!Fanning The Fire follows Lucas White, a young Texas musician, from his early interest in flatpick guitar at age 12 to his live performances onstage three years later, and features interview and performance clips from award-winning artists such as Dan Tyminski, J.D. Crowe, Rhonda Vincent, and Adam Steffey. In June, the 20-minute film was screened at The Film Festival of Colorado, where it received an award in the Best Documentary (Music/Culture) category.

Play It Forward!, the Bluegrass Heritage Foundation's Instrument Lending Program, promotes music literacy and performance skills by providing deserving youths with no-cost access to primary bluegrass instruments such as mandolins, fiddles, banjos, and guitars. The Bluegrass Heritage Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity created to preserve and promote the heritage of bluegrass music in America, with a focus on promoting bluegrass in Texas. The Rices hope it will serve as a role model for other states to follow.

"We so admire the Play It Forward! project, Fanning The Fire, and all that is being done by the Bluegrass Heritage Foundation to get instruments into the hands of kids who might not otherwise be given the opportunity, support, and motivation to learn to play them,” said the Rices. "Young Lucas White is dearer to us, especially in our time of loss, than we could ever express in mere words.”

Pam, Chris, and RomanSadly, the Rices lost their youngest son, Roman, in 2001. "Both our sons loved bluegrass music with all their hearts, and both played guitar,” commented Tony Rice. "If Roman and Chris could have made a choice ahead of time, as a way to be remembered, we believe they would have asked us to do it this way, so they could help provide kids with the same opportunities they had while they were growing up. I hope that any of my fans who can afford to purchase this video will do so, in their memory.”

Updated on Monday, August 29, 2011

For quite a few years now, guitar players the world over have tried to duplicate Tony Rice's guitar style, by buying recordings, videos, watching bootleg concert footage, and "wood-shedding" for hours at a time trying to play like their idol.  And though a few have managed to unlock those secrets on their own or by other methods, not everything Tony does is apparent.  But now, for the first time ever, a select few people can not only learn what those left & right hands are doing, they can watch it close up and live, and get the explanation of what is happening from the man himself.  In an opportunity so rare that its never before happened, Tony Rice will participate in a two day workshop/seminar totally devoted his style of playing guitar.  Joining Tony for this unprecedented "guitar-palooza" are two of the men most closely associated with Tony's playing style, brother Wyatt Rice and Josh Williams.  Joining this trio as moderator of the teaching and discussion sessions is yet another well known Rice devotee, guitarist & multi-instrumentalist John Miller.  With a maximum class size of 40 students, this will be a rare glimpse into the intricacies of Tony's guitar method, both in lead flat-picking, and rhythm styles, what Tony (and most other players/listeners of bluegrass) consider to be his strongest asset.

Many a recording and live stage show have ridden the wave of Tony's rock solid rhythm, a style so powerful and distinctive that it changed the way that bluegrass music is played to a great extent, and set the bar very high for guitar players everywhere.  It is a force unto itself.

Held on the beautiful Hollins University campus on November 5 & 6, the Ultimate Guitar Strummit workshop will feature a 2 hour morning session with Wyatt & Josh, and following a lunch break another 2 and a half hour session with Tony and John, running essentially the same class-time format for both days.  On Sunday afternoon, there will be a special autograph/picture session following the second workshop period, and following that each player can have a professional evaluation of their guitar by master luthier John Miller on site.

And if that were not enough in itself, on Saturday evening The Tony Rice Unit, Conner & Miller, and the bluegrass world's newest sensations The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys will present a 3 hour concert.  Students may register for this once-in-a-lifetime event by visiting where you can find information on scheduling, concert tickets (student registration includes a concert ticket, all others must purchase individual passes to the concert) and full registration and overnight stay information.  Students may register for the workshop only, or choose to reserve and pay for overnight accommodations for either one of two nights' lodging.  Best Western Valley View and Comfort Inn Valley View are the official hotels for the event, and are adjacent to the Roanoke Regional Airport with shuttle service available.

Updated on Monday, October 12, 2009

From Word of Mouth Press:


The highly anticipated authorized biography of acoustic guitar legend Tony Rice is now in the final stages of production and will be released in the very near future.

Many consider Rice the greatest acoustic guitar player of all time. Still Inside: The Tony Rice Story, written by Tim Stafford and Caroline Wright, is Tony's incredible life in his own words and those of witnesses, friends, family, and fellow musicians.

The biography covers Tony's entire life from toddler to living legend, from North Carolina to California, from bluegrass to jazz and all points in between. Tony discusses his real and musical family, his biggest influences, his greatest moments and tragedies such as the loss of his father, his first gigs to his latest, and finally his voice.

The book is full of eyewitness accounts from the people who were there when it all happened. His mother Louise and many other family members share their memories of Tony's life as a child all the way up to today.

Musicians such as Sam Bush, J.D. Crowe, Jerry Douglas, David Grisman, Alison Krauss, Ricky Skaggs, and many many others share their stories of Tony and how it all began back in the days of playing bluegrass when bluegrass wasn't so cool. Over 100 people were interviewed for this exhaustive book, which has been ten years in the making.

Go on the road with Tony… Spread throughout the book is a journal documenting life on the road with this highly intelligent, reclusive, generous, intriguing man. Caroline Wright spent several days and nights with Tony traveling across the country from show to show. She documents his everyday life in detail and uncovers gems about Tony that appear nowhere else.

Tim Stafford, a highly respected acoustic guitar player in his own right, gives us a wonderful look into the unique style of Tony's guitar techniques. Tim discusses in great detail such topics as Tony's technique, his right hand, his choice of picks, and much more about his playing. Also, Tim covers the life and times of Tony's prize possession, his 1935 Martin D-28 Herringbone guitar that formerly belonged to his mentor Clarence White, also known simply as "The Bone" or "The Antique."

A Discography. A condensed timeline. A Bibliography. Over a hundred never before published photos. Plus much much more!!

Sign the mailing list for more information about Still Inside: The Tony Rice Story.

Updated on Friday, Mar 13, 2009

Notice from Keith Case, Tony Rice's representative:

This is an official notification that Tony Rice will not be part of the "Bluegrass Hotel" presentation in Louisville next weekend, March 20, 2009. The proper arrangements were never agreed upon and I never officially said that Tony would be part of this presentation.  The organizer never completed negotiations with me and has been out of touch with me for more than a month.

Keith Case

Updated on Tuesday, Nov 11, 2008

Letter Of thanks To Veterans Everywhere from Tony Rice

I want to take a moment and try to express my heart felt gratitude to the veterans of this great land..

I know that it is not possible for me to email, or call you up individually to thank each and every one of you,..

And so, I hope that this letter will in some small way service, to let you outstanding men and women know, my family and I, are in your debt.

We cannot even to begin to imagine the sacrifice and suffering you people have gone threw for us.

Often being thousands, of miles away from your homes and loved ones, on our behalf's.

Being shot at, and often, shot up,...

Providing insurance that we Americans everywhere, have the freedoms we still enjoy today.

I have met so many musicians from communist countries, who risked the odds of death, to come here to the U.S.

To them, possible death by risking escape was a far better alternative, than to be denied the freedoms our veterans insure us.

Other musicians like myself, who felt they had something of value to offer, to the world threw their music..

However unless they could obtain freedom by escaping to come here, they had no vehicle of expression for their music,... it was dead,.. useless.

I have been privileged to sit in total amazement, while listening to their stories of how they escaped. The most amazing from Communist Eastern Europe.

Did you know Bluegrass is banned in certain areas of the world? I surely didn't, until they told me.

You veterans both in the "hear and now" as well as those walking the "spirit world" are amazing heroes to them, as well as to myself.

I again, wish to send my thanks, and love out to you, and your families, especially as this holiday season draws near.

If you are like me you might be having to tighten your belts this year. Our music industry has taken a tremendous hit with music pirating, compounded by this sagging economy.

I know many of you are still far away from home, fighting for your lives at this very moment, or out on ships, or stationed in remote locations, ....

Separated from family, friends and the freedoms we enjoy here at home, at your expense.

Just know my thoughts and prayers are not far from your sides, because I certainly feel compelled, to send my prayers your way.

Not just today, because its veterans day, but daily in my meditations and prayers.

To those who have told me that my music was of comfort to you, or got you threw the rough spots in battle....

I am most in your debt, for offering that tremendous validation of my music.

That is without a doubt the the highest honor any musician can ever achieve.

No music award could possibly ranks higher, for me.

If it were up to me, I would have have this federal government pay each and every one of you no less than one million dollars for your service,

Those who served both past, as well as present

Whenever I walk out on a stage, know that I salute you, for providing me the opportunity to stand there and perform.

With Deep, and Undying Respect, Tony Rice

Updated on Tuesday, Sep 2, 2008

Tony would like to extend his deepest condolences to the Reed family, to his friends, and to his many fans on the passing of Jerry Reed. Jerry Reed was a great American who touched many hearts, and many ears.

“Jerry was the most amazing guitar player I have ever heard and an inspiration to my music over the years and I am greatly saddened by the loss. “ -- Tony Rice

Updated on Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rounder Records to Release New Tony Rice Compilation, Night Flyer: The Singer-Songwriter Collection, August 5

To me, his music was never built on anything but emotion. That's what's so addicting – the pictures and the feelings it brings to you. Everything is played so beautifully...Even though he's so technically amazing, the reason you put those records on, at least for me, isn't because of that. It's emotional, and that's why those records last. He just happens to be technically beautiful, at the same time, beyond anybody else.” – Alison Krauss

Burlington, MA — No other guitarist in the last thirty years has had a greater impact on acoustic music than Tony Rice. The new Rounder compilation, Night Flyer: The Singer-Songwriter Collection, due August 5, contains a broad selection of the music icon's engaging vocal tunes taken from several of his albums – as well as three previously unreleased tracks – and demonstrates the wide range of non-bluegrass material that he incorporated into his signature sound.

Night Flyer: The Singer-Songwriter Collection kicks off with the previously unreleased Rice original “Never Meant to Be,” a venting of his feelings in the aftermath of the breakup of a long-term marriage with a sad, bitter tone that is completely real in its sense of unresolved hurt and anger. In addition, a version of Gordon Lightfoot's “Changes” is found here, and opens with a sublime guitar intro, with perfect counterpoint by the Dobro of Jerry Douglas. Also included in this collection are Joni Mitchell's “Urge for Going,” James Taylor's “Me and My Guitar,” John Mayall's “Nightflyer,” Bob Dylan's “Sweetheart Like You,” and Tom Waits' “Pony.”

With his signature subtle touch, beautiful tone, amazing speed and imaginative phrasing, Rice has inspired guitarists far and wide for decades, as both a peerless lead player and the quintessential rhythm player. His inventive approach encompasses many acoustic music genres in addition to bluegrass, including jazz, blues, classical, folk, and swing, as is evident in his numerous solo and collaborative recordings. Twice nominated for a Grammy® Award, he won for Best Country Instrumental Performance in 1983 as a member of The New South.

Featured and accompanying musicians on this collection include Larry Atamanuik, Cole Burgess, Sam Bush, Kathy Chiavola, Vassar Clements, Jerry Douglas, Bela Fleck, Jimmy Gaudreau, Todd Phillips, Wyatt Rice, Mark Schatz, and Bill Wolf.

Track Listing:

1. Never Meant to Be*
2. Urge for Going
3. Me and My Guitar
4. St. James Hospital
5. John Wilkes Booth
6. Four Strong Winds
7. Nightflyer
8. All the Way to Texas
9. About Love*
10. Changes
11. Sweetheart Like You
12. Green Light on the Southern
13. Hard Love
14. Why You Been Gone So Long
15. Wayfaring Stranger
16. Likes of Me
17. Pony*

* Previously unreleased track

Updated on July 5, 2007


This workshop will teach advanced and fundamental rhythm techniques including crosspicking, syncopated rhythms, passing chords, chord substitutions and inversions. A variety of right hand patterns combined with left hand technique along with bass runs will be taught. The importance of a solid rhythm player should never be underestimated. As Tony Rice has noted, " Things that I did with the guitar I could not otherwise have done if Wyatt's rhythm guitar had not been there." Come and learn from a master of "Bluegrass Rhythm". For more information, please visit the Fur Peace Ranch website at

Wyatt Rice's website can be found at Since 2000, Wyatt has engineered and helped produce many projects with the latest in digital technology. For more information about Wyatt's recording services, please visit

Updated on Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Due to circumstances beyond control, the performance of Tony Rice with Alison Krauss & Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas scheduled for Friday, May 11, 2007 at the Capitol Music Hall in Wheeling, WV is being moved to the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, PA.  Showtime will remain at 8:00 P.M.  Doors will open at 6:30 PM.  All tickets purchased for the Wheeling show WILL BE HONORED at the Pittsburgh show.   Safety issues of 23 fire code violations with the Capitol Music Hall precipitated the move; the Mellon Arena is approximately 60 miles from Wheeling, and it is the only venue of suitable capacity and technical abilities to accommodate the show.

For those who cannot make it to Pittsburgh, refunds are available through Ticketmaster starting on Wednesday May 2 at 10:00 AM EST. If you bought tickets on-line or by phone, please call (800) 624-5456. If you bought tickets at a Ticketmaster outlet, you will need to return your tickets to the original point of purchase. If you would like to attend the Pittsburgh show, it will go on-sale Thursday, May 3 at 10:00 AM EST at all Ticketmaster locations and at For more information on Mellon Arena, visit

We hope you decide to join us in Pittsburgh, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Sincerely, Tony Rice, Alison Krauss and Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas, Outback Concerts and AC Entertainment

Updated on Sunday, March 11, 2007



Burlington, MA – On March 14, the Peter Rowan and Tony Rice Quartet will kick off a string of tour dates in support of their critically-acclaimed new studio album, Quartet. Released in January, Quartet showcases music from these two acoustic music legends, supported by Sharon Gilchrist (mandolin, vocals) and Bryn Davies (bass, vocals). The album is gaining momentum on national radio charts, ranking #3 on Billboard's Bluegrass chart and #10 on R&R's Americana chart. No Depression calls Quartet “a truly cohesive work…brilliant harmonies and understated instrumental flourishes…” Guitar maverick Tony Rice was recently featured in Performing Songwriter (January/February issue) and will soon be the subject of a cover story in Acoustic Guitar (June issue).

Upcoming tour dates are listed below. Highlights include performances at B.B. King's in New York (March 14) and at MerleFest (April 27-28).

Upcoming Tour Dates


  • 14 B.B. King Blues Club New York, NY*
  • 16 At The Tabernacle Mt. Tabor, NJ
  • 17 Count Basie Theatre Red Bank, NJ**
  • 18 Sellersville Theater Sellersville, PA
  • 21 Carrboro Art Center Carrboro, NC
  • 22 Ziggy's Winston-Salem, NC
  • 24-25 Spirit of the Suwann Live Oak, FL


  • 7 Lincoln County High Hamlin, WV
  • 27-28 MerleFest-Wilkes Community College Wilkesboro, NC


  • 5 Bartlett Performing Arts Center Bartlett, TN

*Rounder recording artist Donna Hughes opens

**Co-bill with Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys

Founded in 1970, Rounder Records is America's premier independent label. Rounder and its Zoë, Heartbeat, Philo and Bullseye Blues imprints have a catalog of over 3000 albums, representing a wide variety of folk, roots, rock, blues, and reggae music.

For more information, please contact:

Jennifer Sacca at 617.218.4503, or email Lauren Calista at 617.218.4483, or email

Press materials (including high-res photos) are available at

Updated on Thursday, March 1, 2007

A Very Special Performance

In spring of 2007, Alison Krauss and Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas will be joined by acoustic music's most influential modern master - Tony Rice for a limited number of dates in which they will exclusively perform music drawn from Rice's remarkable recorded legacy. "It's hard to find words to say what an influence Tony Rice has been on people of our generation who grew up in bluegrass," says Union Station bassist Barry Bales.

In a career that has now spanned over three decades, Rice has used bluegrass as the foundation for a series of acoustic explorations that have ranged from sophisticated jazz-informed instrumentals to haunting, heartbreaking song-based work. Alison Krauss and Union Station have long professed the great musical debt they owe to Rice, citing the profound impact albums such as Cold on the Shoulder, Native American, Manzanita, and Me and My Guitar have had on their concept of acoustic music and their individual development as musicians.

This special series of engagements gives Union Station an opportunity to bring a wide-ranging selection of Tony Rice's music to a new audience and to perform it with their unmatched blend of passion and precision. Drawing from both Rice's vocal and instrumental catalog, the performances will feature Rice's still evolving and dazzling guitar work augmented by the vocals and fiddle of Krauss; Dan Tyminski on guitar, mandolin, and vocals; Ron Block on guitar, banjo, and vocals; the supple bass of Barry Bales; longtime Rice associate Jerry Douglas on Dobro; and drummer Larry Atamanuik. As Bales remarked on the eve of the tour's first rehearsals, "The hardest thing is not picking which songs to do – it's deciding which songs not to do…"

Tour dates for this very special and limited tour to be announced starting Thursday, December 14th.


Updated on Wednesday, Nov 8th, 2006

MAKE YOUR MERLEFEST 2007 PLANS!! Not only is Tony with Peter and the Quartet, but also A very special performance by Tony Rice & Alison Krauss & Union Station featuring a spectrum of material from Tony's 35 year career SAT. Folks can you imagine?!? More information about that to follow.

SECONDLY, Tony and Peter are relasing another album with Rounder Records, and in Tony's words is one of his favorite albums to date. Here are the deatails.

ROUNDER RECORDS TO RELEASE QUARTET, THE NEW ALBUM FROM ACOUSTIC MUSIC LEGENDS PETER ROWAN & TONY RICE, JANUARY 23 “…a musical marriage made in heaven.” – Relix Cambridge, MA – On January 23, Rounder Records will proudly release Quartet – the new studio album from Grammy–award winners Peter Rowan and Tony Rice. The highly anticipated follow-up to 2004's critically-acclaimed You Were There For Me, Quartet marks the recording debut of the road-tested Peter Rowan and Tony Rice Quartet, which finds “two ground-breaking and genre-defying musicians” (Nashville Tennessean) supported by Sharon Gilchrist (mandolin, vocals) and Bryn Davies (bass, vocals).

In contrast to You Were There For Me, which was recorded in a variety of studios with an array of backing musicians, Quartet was recorded by the Peter Rowan and Tony Rice Quartet in one location – lending the album a striking, classic coherence. Quartet is a fluid and mesmerizing work, featuring an intriguing set of songs both vintage and contemporary. Highlights include five originals by Peter Rowan (“Dustbowl Children,” “Perfection,” “Let the Harvest Go to Seed,” “The Walls of Time,” and a stunning re-imagining of the Old and In the Way classic “Moonlight Midnight”), and a mix of bluegrass standards (“The Sunny Side of the Mountain”), reborn traditional material (“Shady Grove”), and poignant covers of Patti Smith (“Trespasses”) and Townes Van Zandt (“To Live Is to Fly”). The result is an imaginative synthesis that bears traces of Rowan and Rice's prior groundbreaking achievements, while rooted in the rhythms, improvisational dexterity, and achingly lonesome vocal stylings of classic bluegrass.

The Peter Rowan and Tony Rice Quartet are: Peter Rowan (lead vocals, guitar), Tony Rice (lead guitar), Bryn Davies (acoustic bass, tenor harmony vocals) and Sharon Gilchrist (mandolin, high baritone harmony vocals,). Gilchrist joins the Quartet following up a successful tenure with rising string band sensation Uncle Earl (also on Rounder). The Quartet will tour throughout the U.S. in 2007. Preliminary tour dates are listed below with more to be announced in the coming months.


Updated on Monday, July 3, 2006

Tony Rice Needs Your Help!

We are looking for professional pictures from the eighties for an upcoming compilation. For all the details please click here. Please note time is short!

Thanks in advance!


Updated on Monday, May 15, 2006

We are deeply saddened at the recent loss of Tony's older brother and fellow musician Larry Rice. Please keep the Rice family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

Larry Prentis Rice, 57, Crystal River, died on Saturday, May 13, 2006, at the Citrus Memorial Health System in Inverness after a lengthy illness with mesothelioma.

He was born on April 24, 1949, in Danville, Ky., to Herb and Dorothy (Louise) Rice and moved to this area 28 years ago from Kentucky. Mr. Rice was an established musician/songwriter as well as a former employee of Progress Energy. He enjoyed listening to and playing music, as well as spending time with his family and gardening.

He was preceded in death by his father, Herb Rice, and his granddaughter, Paris Alexis Davis.

Survivors include his wife of 39 years, Linda Rice; one daughter, Pamela of Hernando; one son, Travis of Crystal River; his mother Louise Rice of Reidsville, N.C.; three brothers Tony Rice of Reidsville, N.C., Ronnie Rice of Falls Church, Va., and Wyatt Rice of Damascus, Va.; and three granddaughters, Autumn Sisk, and Morgan and Courtney Davis. Strickland Funeral Home, Crystal River.

Viewing: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 from 6:00PM to 8:00PM Strickland Funeral Home 1901 S.E. Highway 19 Crystal River, FL 34429 Phone: 352-795-2678

Funeral: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 at 2:00PM Strickland Funeral Home 1901 S.E. Highway 19 Crystal River, FL 34429 Phone: 352-795-2678

Laura and Christian

Updated on Thursday, April 13, 2006

Today it is with great sadness that we learned of the recent death of Tony's brother-in-law after a prolonged and painful illness. We'd like to send our heartfelt sympathy to Tony's wife Pam on the loss of her brother and to Tony, their family, and all those that knew and loved him.

Due to the obligations to his family during this difficult time of passing, Tony has been and will be unable to appear at scheduled shows from April 5 - April 15, 2006.

Tony asked that we extend his sincerest apologies for his absense to his band: Peter, Bryn, and Sharon, his agent and friend Keith Case, all of the promoters and other people that worked to make the New England tour happen, and especially to all of the fans.

Please feel free to leave your messages of condolences for Tony and Pam and family on the guestbook.

Christian and Laura

Updated on Sunday, Feb. 26 2006

An Evening with Tony Rice and the Rice Brothers at The Moon in Tallahassee, FL

Building on the success of last years' Larry Rice Benefit, Tallahassee welcomes back the Legendary Rice Brothers. Tony, Wyatt, Larry, Ron and Frank Poindexter will perform on the same stage, treating the bluegrass crowd to a show that will never be forgotten. Proceeds will be donated to The Shelter of Tallahassee/Leon County, Inc.

Who: Tony Rice and the Rice Brothers
When: Sunday, March 12, 2006 (doors open at 5:30 pm)
Where: The Moon in Tallahassee Fl

1105 E. Lafayette St. 32301

Tickets: $40 Reserved and $25 General Admission

Line up also includes performances by: Mark “Clawgrass” Johnson, Larry Rice Band, Panhandle String Band, Cypress Creek, Cow Lick, Bottom Dollar Boys, celebrating over 30 years of Bluegrass.

Contact The Moon box office for tickets Weekdays, Noon to 6pm Purchase tickets by phone with major credit card


Updated on Monday, Dec. 5 2005

If you haven't heard it yet, Dolly Parton's new album "Those were the days" features Tony playing on "The cruel war". Dolly and Tony did a great job of touching that folk rock sound of the 60's and 70's on this song. Tony just finished the session with Homespun Tapes for another upcoming video release. For those interested in spending some rare time with Tony will enjoy this video as he spends time discussing each song and the artists he played it with. Granted it has not been mixed down/edited yet but the session did include these discussions. A few songs that were recorded include Shady Grove, Blue Railroad Train, and Tony favorite Summertime.

Be on the look out for the Rounder Records Spring release of Donna Hughes cd that Tony has been producing. The line up on this disc is simply put, impressive. Tony has been in the studio doing various sessions. We will try and let you know when we know more, or some larger projects become official. There are some exciting things coming up, we will let you know as we find out.

HOLIDAY ORDERS: The store will be closed from December 20th until January 2nd. Autographed merchandise is VERY limited, please sign up for the mailing list to get updated of the status.


Updated on Saturday, September 24, 2005

"Tony Rice is producing a new artist, Donna Hughes. Donna recorded two CD's on her own, full of original songs, before being discovered by Tony in 2003. Her new project will be available on Rounder Records, in 2006. The album contains 16 tunes, 14 written by Donna, and features legendary musicians such as Tony Rice, who played on 11 tracks, as well as Sam Bush, Tim Stafford, Mike Bub, Ron Stewart, Scott Vestal, Rob Ickes, Bryn Bright, Rickie Simpkins, Wyatt Rice, & Wayne Benson. The CD features incredible harmonies by Carl Jackson, Sonya Isaacs & Mary Chapin Carpenter. Donna's project contains a wide variety of sounds, and features some awesome guitar work by Tony. One of Donna's original songs, "My Poor Old Heart," was recorded by Alison Krauss & Union Station, for their new "Lonely Runs Both Ways" album." Read more at

Tony will be playing a few songs with Donna at the Gibson Showcase on Saturday night October 29th at 1:00 am (actually Sunday morning), the week of IBMA in Nashville TN.


Updated on Monday, Sept. 12 2005

Nominations for 2005 International Bluegrass Music Awards

Recorded Event of the Year

  • 40; Larry Sparks with Ronnie Bowman, Larry Cordle, Kevin Denney, Vince Gill, Andy Griggs, Tom T. Hall, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Jim Hurst, The Isaacs, Carl Jackson, Chris Jones, Alison Krauss, The Marshall Family, Russell Moore, Don Rigsby, Ricky Skaggs, Kenny Smith, Tim Stafford, Ralph Stanley, Dan Tyminski, Rhonda Vincent, Sharon White-Skaggs, Cheryl White & Paul Williams (artists); Rebel; Don Rigsby (producer)

  • Daughters of American Bluegrass; Featuring: Kim Fox, Dale Ann Bradley, Cindy Cashdollar, Lorraine Jordan, Missy Raines, Honi Deaton, Gena Britt, Michelle Birkby-Vance, Chrystal Franklin & Anita Fisher (artists); CMH; Lorraine Jordan (producer)

  • Moody Bluegrass: A Nashville Tribute To The Moody Blues; Featuring: Harley Allen, Alison Brown, Sam Bush, Fred Carpenter, Lionel Cartwright, Daniel Carwile, Larry Cordle, John Cowan, Barry Crabtree, Charlie Cushman, Stuart Duncan, Andrew Hall, Aubrey Haynie, David Harvey, Emma Harvey, Jan Harvey, Alison Krauss, Keith Little, Tim May, Patty Mitchell, Bob Mummert, Tim O'Brien, Jon Randall, Calvin Settles, Ira Wayne Settles, Odessa Settles, Tom Shinness, Russell Smith, Jill Snider, Todd Suttle & Andy Todd (artists); Rounder; David Harvey (producer)

  • Tribute to Jimmy Martin: “The King of Bluegrass”; Featuring: J.D. Crowe, Paul Williams, Audie Blaylock & Kenny Ingram (artists); Koch; Ben Isaacs (producer)

  • You Were There For Me; Peter Rowan & Tony Rice (artists); Rounder; Peter Rowan & Tony Rice (producers)

Instrumental Performers of the Year


  • Jim Hurst
  • Tony Rice
  • Larry Sparks
  • Bryan Sutton
  • Tim Stafford

Updated on Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tony Rice's statement on the death of Vassar Clements:

When Vassar Clements re-emerged on the music scene in 1971 (with John Hartford), he really raised the bar for my own musicianship in that his playing inspired me to want to be that good. Through the years, Vassar always continued to inspire me, and I was enormously blessed to have him play on many of my own records, as well as on collaborations with other artists. I am deeply grieved at his passing, as the man was my hero, but I am so grateful for all of wonderful times and laughter we shared. He was my friend, and I loved him. Thankfully, Vassar's music will live on for all of us to enjoy, but I will truly miss the man.

Tony Rice

Updated on Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Larry Rice, who has mesothelioma, underwent several months of radiation to treat mesothelioma (cancer of three lining of the lung) on one side. That major tumor has been obliterated. Upon recent testing, (PET scan), his oncologists found four smaller new tumors in various places, but not recurring on the original tumor. Larry is currently undergoing radiation again in Tallahassee, Florida for about four weeks and he will be reevaluated again in two weeks. Larry's doctors are optimistic about obliterating these four new tumors.

While the Larry Rice Fund raised a considerable amount of funds through the Legends and Locals Benefit concert in December 2004, (much thanks to all the generous artists and patrons) the fund balance needs to be replenished. Larry now faces many new and additional costs associated with travel, PET scans, CAT scans, and prescription medications. Please consider a generous donation made to:

The Larry Rice Fund c/o Lee Kotick 6287 Heartland Circle Tallahassee, Florida 32312 email


Updated on Monday, May 30,2005

Greetings Everyone,

Get ready for a Summer of smokin Tony shows. There have been many posts asking who is in the Unit these days. While there is a core group which includes, Bryn Bright on bass, Ricky Simpkins on mando, Wyatt Rice on guitar, and of course our favorite musicisan Tony leading the way.

There have been occaisions where some of the artists are not available for a show, so there may be a different musician joining the Unit during those times. Ronnie Simpkins and Sharon Gilchrist have both sat in with the Unit in recent times.

On some other very exciting news, it was just announced that Tony will be playing at Dollywood in September, not sure if it is with Dolly. Please keep checking back and sign up for the mailing list to saty up to date.

Have a Great Show!

Updated on Friday, January 28, 2005

TourDates = New Book Update HI everyone. Just a quick note to let everyone know we post the tourdates as we get them. We personally apologize for those shows which seem to have to lead time. We post'em as we get'em.

OK, On to news about the Tony Book. The following is an update from Caroline Wright, one of the folks who are bringing this story to life.

Tim Stafford and I are making some really cool progress with the biography. I now have ALL of the Mustang Tapes transcribed--that's my husband's suggestion for a name for the interview I did last summer with Tony, on the road between North Carolina and NY State! We really only covered through about 1970; we're doing it chronologically, and that may be how we structure the book: with Tony telling the story of his life, and the people around him commenting on various periods and aspects of it...

Obviously, we need many more hours of interview with him, and I hope to do that early next year; Tim will be interviewing him as well. But I have 94 pages of a really, really wonderful interview.

The transcription is everything I had hoped it would be. Tony is eloquent, elegant, provocative and simply fascinating. His narrative will be the best part of this book, like a vein of gold that runs all through it. His fans are going to go crazy! As Tim Stafford says, "That interview is amazing, much more than worth waiting for..." Stay tuned! Warm aloha, Caroline WRIGHT FOR YOU Word Services

Updated on Wednesday, Nov 3, 2004

Tony Rice-Vassar Clements Unit with David Grisman to perform at Larry Rice Benefit Sunday Dec 12 2004 at The Moon Tallahassee, FL --- Tickets on sale now for “Legends and Locals for Larry” Benefit Concert---

Tallahassee, FL—The Tony Rice-Vassar Clements Unit with special guest David Grisman will headline an evening of Bluegrass and Progressive Traditional music Sunday evening December 12, 2004 at The Moon in Tallahassee, FL. The venue is to help with the enormous costs of medical treatment for brother Larry Rice's cancer of the lining of the lung.

Scheduled to appear are Cypress Creek, Panhandle String Band, Fifth Gear, Bottom Dollar Boys and Shannon Mays, Josh Pinkham and The Pinkham Family Band, Mark Johnson and Emory Lester. Following the intermission are Legends for Larry including The Rice Brothers: Larry, Ron, Tony, and Wyatt. Tim Stafford of Blue Highway, Ronnie Bowman, Rob McCoury of The Del McCoury Band, Clay Jones of Mountain Heart, Frank Poindexter, Shannon Mays, and Bryn Bright will also be appearing. The evening will conclude with The Tony Rice-Vassar Clements Unit with special guest David Grisman.

The Moon's door will open at 5:30 pm with music starting at 6 pm. Ticket prices are $30 for general admission, $45 reserved. The $100 Silver Circle ticket includes an artist's reception following the performance. There will also be a raffle, door prizes, and awards presented.

All information on ticket sales and updated information can be found from the news link at Checks for tickets or donations should be made to The Larry Rice Fund. The Larry Rice Fund is a 501(c) non-profit organization and all ticket purchases and donations are tax-deductible. Online purchases of tickets can be made at For more information contact Carrie Hamby at


Updated on Tuesday, October 26, 2004

BENEFIT CONCERT FOR LARRY RICE, December 12th, 2004 in Tallahassee Florida

Just a quick heads up that there is a benefit concert planned for Tony's brother Larry to help offset the enormous medical costs as he undergoes treatment for cancer of the lining of the lung caused by asbestos exposure and other factors. The concert will happen on December 12th, 2004 in Tallahassee Florida at the Moon. Current line up includes the Vassar Clements and Tony Rice Unit, plus a bunch of other great musicians. Stay tuned to the website for more details.


Updated on Friday, October 15th, 2004

UPDATE ON TONY's Cancellation

As many of you know the dangers of over practice and repetitive hand injuries are commonplace amongst stringed instrument players. Like others, Tony was concerned about these issues when he experienced some discomfort during a recent show, which led to the cancellation of a few shows. Tony has sought medical advice from well respected doctors and the advice was to remain vigilant on a program of limited use and rest while touring rigorously. He is resting the arm for the next leg of this tour in November and should not be affected. Having played guitar for as many years as he has, it is important to protect the hands that create that music for years to come. Worthy advice to all.

For those hopeful for more information on Tony. We get information as it is passed along to us, and we post as things come in. We recently received a few photos from fans we hope to get up in the near future.

As far as the "Book" about Tony, last we heard it was going to take approx one more year. Stay tuned for NEW Tony Rice Unit bio to be posted after this tour wraps up. Stay tuned for many Unit shows in 2005!


Updated on Tuesday, August 10, 2004

PETER ROWAN & TONY RICE RELEASE YOU WERE THERE FOR ME —Rounder Records captures the first recording collaboration by legendary musical icons—

NASHVILLE, TN, June 22, 2004 — At last, two of the most influential musicians in American music have recorded a full-fledged album together, to be released on Rounder Records this fall. You Were There For Me is the work of two masters of their craft, Peter Rowan and Tony Rice. The two have spent their respective careers creating and transforming music with their renowned innovation and individuality. Both are also at ease in a broad variety of musical genres, as well as widely recognized for expanding musical boundaries in their respective solo and collaborative efforts. In recent years Rowan and Rice have toured extensively together, however You Were There For Me is the extraordinary result of the first recorded collaboration of these two gifted musicians. It is a true duet collection in every sense of the word, featuring Rowan's sublime vocals on ten of his original compositions, while acoustic guitar virtuoso Rice's remarkable instrumental work evokes, frames and enhances the emotions of each song with characteristic elegance. With laudatory liner notes provided by celebrated music critic Robert Oermann, You Were There For Me opens with the achingly heartfelt, yet instrumentally spare title track, followed by the robust blues and deftly-played guitar of “Tin Roof Shack.” “Shirt Off My Back” is the ideal vehicle for the interplay between Rowan's voice and the “voice” of Rice's guitar: the two complement each other perfectly. In “Miss Liberty (Lay My Lonesome Down),” Rice's guitar solo answers the metaphorical lyrics with the space needed for their expression, and on “Cowboys And Indians” the instrumental support is again essential to the tempo and structure of the song. Both musicians shine impressively on “Ahmed The Beggar Boy,” while on “Angel Island” Rowan and Rice, once again, echo each other's phrasing flawlessly. Rowan's broken-hearted vocal on “Ain't That Just Like You” is matched by the pain in the notes of Rice's guitar, and both musicians trade off on lovely jazz-inflected solos. “Old Sante Fe” features Rowan's lilting, melodic lead vocal and Latin-flavored guitar by Rice, who graces the instrumental break with precision and delicacy. The set closes with Rowan's ode to freedom, “Wild Mustang,” showcasing striking Native American vocalizations by Rowan, with Rice's Spanish guitar inflections underscoring the lyric and his wide-open solo the audio equivalent of freedom itself.

You Were There For Me is also highlighted by the guest artist support of the following outstanding musicians: Billy Bright on mandolin and mandola and Bryn Davies on double bass and harmony vocals (both longtime accompanists on both Rowan and Rice's live dates); as well as Tony Garnier (Bob Dylan) on double bass; Larry Atamanuik (Alison Krauss + Union Station) on percussion; and Robert Emory (baritone harmony vocal on “Old Santa Fe”). Grammy-award winner and five-time Grammy nominee, Peter Rowan was born in Massachusetts to a musical family. He began his professional career playing guitar, singing lead vocals and co-writing as a member of the Bluegrass Boys, led by the founding father of bluegrass, Bill Monroe. After his departure as Monroe's guitarist and lead vocalist, Rowan formed folk-rock band Earth Opera with David Grisman, recording two successful albums for Elektra Records, subsequently joining Richard Greene in jazz-rock fusion group Sea Train. In the early '70s, Rowan, David Grisman, Jerry Garcia, Vassar Clements and John Kahn formed a bluegrass band christened Old & In The Way. He embarked on a well-received solo career in the late ‘70s, releasing such diverse and critically acclaimed albums, as Dustbowl Children and Bluegrass Boy, as well as much-admired collaborations with ace dobro player Jerry Douglas, Flaco Jimenez, and his brothers Christopher and Lorin Rowan. Rowan's songs have also been recorded by hit country artists and featured in motion pictures. His recent projects include a recording at Jamaica's famed Tuff Gong Studios with an imposing array of hardcore reggae and bluegrass musicians, and select performances touring as Peter Rowan and Crucial Reggae, featuring members of both the Burning Spear and Peter Tosh bands.

Arguably the finest flat-pick guitarist of all time, Virginia-born and California-raised Tony Rice is revered as perhaps the single most important bluegrass guitarist alive. Introduced to the genre by his musician father, he formed the seminal band Bluegrass Alliance, and later joined J.D. Crowe's New South, which was one of the best, most progressive and commercially successful bluegrass bands of the time. Rice left to join the David Grisman Quintet, working on original material that blended jazz, bluegrass and classical styles. He then embarked on a highly respected and successful solo career that included a part-time venture in bluegrass supergroup, The Bluegrass Album Band. With his signature subtle touch, beautiful tone, amazing speed and imaginative phrasing, Rice has inspired guitarists far and wide for decades, as both a peerless lead player and the quintessential rhythm player. His inventive syncopation encompasses many acoustic music genres in addition to bluegrass, including jazz, blues, classical, folk, and swing, as is evident in his numerous solo and collaborative recordings. Twice nominated for a Grammy Award, he won for Best Country Instrumental Performance in 1986 as a member of New South. Rounder Records released Tony Rice The Bluegrass Guitar Collection last year, and Rice has recently revived the illustrious Tony Rice Unit, to craft the non-traditional, jazz-tinged “spacegrass” with which he is identified. The Tony Rice Unit is currently playing dates throughout the country. Peter Rowan and Tony Rice are performing together in support of You Were There For Me on a tour to begin in September, 2004, which also includes Bryn Davies on stand up acoustic bass and Billy Bright on mandolin.

Updated on Tuesday, June 8th, 2004

Happy Birthday to Tony

Tony is 53 today. Join us in wishing him a Happy Birthday on his guestbook.

Updated on Monday, May 24, 2004

Jam Cruise 3 goes on sale Wednesday, May 19th at 11am MST. Sail dates are January 6-10, 2005 leaving from Jacksonville, FL.

Imagine being on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean with today's top acts in the music scene! Well, we're ready to set sail once again and embark upon what is sure to be another lifelong vacation memory and instant musical fantasy. Jam Cruise 3 will spend 4 days and 4 nights on the Carnival Cruise line "Celebration." What a perfect name for our boat! Last year, passengers came from 48 different states, even from all over the world, came to experience the unique experience. It was an adventure beyond our wildest dreams and we plan on making this year's cruise even more exciting...with a high-class cruise ship, two days at sea and so much room for imagination and improvisiation. Let the music play and let the games begin. Don't miss the boat!

2005 Artists: Peter Rowan & Tony Rice Galactic Les Claypool STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9) Keller Williams Col Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit Jazz Mandolin Project featuring Jamie Masefield and Jon Fishman | Karl Denson's Tiny Universe | North Mississippi Allstars | Ozomatli | Peretz (Perry Farrell) with special guest Alex Graham | Peter Rowan & Tony Rice | Robert Walter's 20th Congress | Umphrey's McGee | Garaj Mahal | MOFRO | Benevento/Russo Duo | Tishamingo | DJ Logic | DJ Harry

Updated on Wednesday, May 5, 2004


Greetings bluegrass lovers By now you may have heard: BLUEGRASS JOURNEY has been released on DVD & on video tape.

BLUEGRASS JOURNEY is a feature length, documentary film portrait of the contemporary bluegrass music scene. Here's how it was described by one film festival that recently screened it: "Depicting the fervent scene that is modern bluegrass, this impressive documentary captures high intensity performances from some of America's greatest contemporary acts… [the] filmmakers… brilliantly combine backstage footage, interviews, and extended performances to make a lovingly detailed portrait of the music and those at the forefront of making it." - The 2004 Florida Film Festival

The film features, among others, the Del McCoury Band, Peter Rowan, Tim O'Brien, Tony Rice, Jerry Douglas, Rhonda Vincent, Nickel Creek, Bob Paisley and Pete Wernick. Please see the film's website, for more information.

Updated on Wednesday, April 21 2004

Tony Rice will be appearing tonight on The Flame worthy Awards on CMT live with Alison Krauss. The show starts at 8pm. For further details please visit CMT for the latest information

You might catch a glimpse of Tony at the red carpet event starting earlier. Check the listings for further details. Please pass this on to other Tony fans and don't forget to tune in. It will be great to see AND hear Tony and his guitar on National Television.

Visit Tony's website and leave your comments after the show at


Christian Marks

Updated on Saturday, August 9

Tony Rice Biography Underway; Friends Asked To Participate

From his home in North Carolina this week, flat-picking guitar legend Tony Rice announced that he has chosen the writers of his official biography. Rice also asked for participation from the bluegrass community, which he hopes will provide candid material for the project. “My biographers are going to call on a lot of folks for comments and anecdotes,” he said. “I hope my friends will do all they can to cooperate. They should feel free to be honest! More than anything, I want this book to be real.”

In a career that spans five decades, Rice's work includes recordings, tours and appearances with a long list of musical luminaries, including Alison Krauss, Jerry Garcia, Emmylou Harris, David Grisman, Stephane Grappelli, Ricky Skaggs, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, and Doc Watson. His accolades include one Grammy and two nominations, and numerous awards from the International Bluegrass Music Association and the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America.

His professional history is marked with significant musical milestones, yet the guitarist has lived a life filled with turmoil. Like many other musicians, he has struggled with temptation and excess. He lost his father to a house fire, his home to a flood, and his extraordinary voice to a medical condition called muscle tension dysphonia.

In spite of a rocky road, Rice's discography includes some of the most beloved music of the bluegrass genre. He recorded The Old Home Place, the legendary Rounder 0044, as a member of J.D. Crowe and the New South. He teamed up with Ricky Skaggs for The Essential Old-Time Country Duets. His own solo outings include extraordinary projects like Manzanita and Cold On The Shoulder. Rice's recordings also include The Pizza Tapes with David Grisman and Jerry Garcia, stolen by a delivery boy from a kitchen counter, and released some seven years later.

“I'm 52 years old, but sometimes I feel like I've lived 102 years!” Rice said. “There's a lot of ground to cover.”

Two writers will collaborate on the epic project. Tim Stafford, a Grammy winner for his work with Alison Krauss + Union Station, now handles lead guitar for award-winning bluegrass band Blue Highway. Stafford began groundwork on the biography several years ago as a tribute to Rice, who inspired his own musicianship. “Life and work got in the way, and I had to set the book aside for a while,” he said. “When Caroline approached me about a collaboration, I was inspired to jump right back into it.”

Bluegrass columnist and journalist Caroline Wright wrote a long feature about Rice for the July/August 2002 issue of Listener, a now-defunct audiophile magazine. “A Day In The Life Of The World's Best Guitarist” included exclusive photos, testimonials from musicians like Gordon Lightfoot, Bela Fleck, and Dan Fogelberg, and fascinating details of Rice's life. (The article is archived on Wright's website at

In similar fashion, the book will include details from a road trip Rice made in July on which Wright rode shotgun, took notes and taped their conversations. Rice has avoided flying for several years, and puts about 50,000 miles a year on his black Mustang convertible, driving to shows and festivals all over the country. “It was a remarkable experience,” Wright commented. “I'm really looking forward to weaving pieces of it into the biography.”

Rice will send a letter of introduction to people on his biographers' long list of potential interview subjects. In the letter, he will invite his friends to be candid with memories and anecdotes.

“Most people never get a chance to tell their stories firsthand,” he said. “With a little help from my friends, I'm happy for the opportunity to tell mine.”

Tony's friends and admirers who wish to share comments and anecdotes are invited to contact Tim Stafford and Caroline Wright at

Caroline Wright

Updated on August 7, 2003

On the Road of Bluegrass and Life! Life has been a trip lately; both literally and metaphorically. I just turned fifty years old recently, and it has become a turning point for me. During the special party that my best of female friends hosted in order to initiate me through this passage, I was told that one of the most important lessons you learn during this point in life is that you care less as to what other people think of you and that you become more aware of your authentic self. Well, let's just say that when I remembered that my authentic self loves to travel and the date for Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival got nearer, I found myself on the road to New York in a bluegrass minute.

Without exaggeration, I can say that this is one of the best decisions I have made in quite a while as I found myself among some of the most wonderful people, in one of the most beautiful places, experiencing some of the most magical moments of my life. Thanks to Mary Doub, Lisa Husted and Mary Burdette, as well as the unbelievably dedicated crew of staff and volunteers, I was treated royally with kindness and love from the instant I arrived until the sad moment of departure. Many new acquaintances and friends were made while there. The most difficult part of the whole trek was staying awake to keep my ride, David Guenzel, from falling asleep at the wheel. (Thanks for a safe and interesting trip, David.)

The line-up of musicians was incredible! Del McCoury, Rhonda Vincent, Blue Highway (Wondrous Love from their new gospel recording IS wondrous!), the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band! There's not enough space to mention them all here; but if you go to, you can check it out for yourself. Tony played along with Peter Rowan and Billy & Bryn Bright in such a brilliant performance that they HAD to do two encores. There was no getting away with just one. The crowd obviously couldn't get enough of them that night! It was great to see Tony in such good spirits; you could tell he was having a fun time both on and off stage. It was a very special moment to see him come out and autograph tee shirts and CDs for the line of young children (as well as the "old" children) anxiously waiting for him after the show. Thanks, Tony, for your special kindness and generosity.

I also had the honor of meeting Ruth Oxenburg who, along with her husband, produced and directly the engaging documentary, Bluegrass Journey. Many folks watched it again and again and expressed how they can't wait until they are able purchase their own copy. Continue to keep an eye out for when Ruth makes it available by checking out the link on She noted that it will probably be a minimum of six months before it will be completed.

From all the emails, phone calls and statements from Tony, it was clear that the Telluride, Rocky Grass, and Denver Botanic Gardens shows also went very well. We had one complaint about the Denver show lasting only an hour; but other reports noted that considering the state of the weather, they expected nothing less and were very pleased with the quality of the music. Since I am only allowed a limited number of paragraphs in this article, I want to announce here a contest. For the person who comes up with the most complete list of CDs Tony has ever played on, SpaceGrass Productions is offering two free passes into the show of your choice with the opportunity of meeting Tony personally after the show. (If the show is part of a festival, we would pay for only a one-day pass. You would have to find your own transportation to the venue.) For those of you who would not be able to attend a show, we are offering three CDs of your choice from the available selection along with an autographed photo. (Thanks to Caroline Wright for offering this suggestion as she thought of all of you who live overseas who might participate.) Entries should be emailed by August 20th, 2003 to along with your name, address, phone number and email address. We look forward to hearing from you!

Kathi Fox

Updated on Monday, July 7


MAY 29, 2003

CONTACT: Ruth Oxenberg

BLUEGRASS JOURNEY to have New York City area screenings in July

BLUEGRASS JOURNEY, a feature-length independent documentary about contemporary bluegrass music, will receive its New York area premier screening at two venues in mid July. BLUEGRASS JOURNEY can be seen at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, NY at 10 p.m. nightly from July 14 - 17 at the After Dark Music Festival, a film festival devoted entirely to films about music.

Additionally, there will be special night time open-air screenings at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival in Ancramdale, NY on July 16, 17, 18, and 19.

The film was directed by first-time filmmakers Ruth Oxenberg and Rob Schumer. It is a portrait of the contemporary bluegrass music scene, and features extended and intimately captured performances by The Del McCoury Band, Nickel Creek, Jerry Douglas, Tim O'Brien, Peter Rowan, Tony Rice, Rhonda Vincent, The Lonesome River Band, Bob Paisley and the Southern Grass, and many others.

BLUEGRASS JOURNEY had its World Premiere at the Maui Film Festival in Maui, Hawaii on Saturday, June 14.

In the tradition of WOODSTOCK, THE LAST WALTZ, and JAZZ ON A SUMMER'S DAY, BLUEGRASS JOURNEY weaves together high energy and intimately captured extended musical performances, verité-style cinematography, and interviews to depict and celebrate a broad cross-section of the contemporary bluegrass music scene. Shot mainly at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival in upstate New York, and at the annual International Bluegrass Music Association's convention in Kentucky, this affectionate film reveals breathtaking musical virtuosity, passionate and joyous audience dedication, and the rich artistry and spirit that infuse one of America's great musical genres.

Directors Ruth Oxenberg and Rob Schumer, a husband and wife team, fell into bluegrass music and fell in love with it nine years ago when they were planning their wedding. They were to be married in the country, outdoors, and they were looking for a type of music that fit the occasion. As native New Yorkers, they'd had little exposure to bluegrass, but somehow it seemed right. As they searched for a band, they began to delve deeper and deeper into the music, finding in the genre a richness of tradition and a virtuoso performance style that was unadorned, fresh, and exciting. This was well before the phenomenon of “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” which introduced many new people to the genre.

Oxenberg, at the time, was a producer for ABC News World News Tonight with Peter Jennings. She became so taken with bluegrass that she pitched a story about it to Peter, who, to her surprise, was a bluegrass fan. The news piece aired in September 1996. While working on it, she and her husband realized that the subject matter was rich enough to deserve treatment in a longer film. Thus the idea for the documentary was born.

Bluegrass is a relatively new style of American music, more or less “invented” in the 1940s by one man, Bill Monroe. Monroe, a native of Kentucky (“the Bluegrass State”), fused Scots-Irish fiddle tunes, gospel and the blues to create this unique sound. It caught on, inspiring other players, and eventually came to be called bluegrass music after the name of Monroe's band, The Blue Grass Boys.

Oxenberg and Schumer wanted to make a film in the style of the classic music documentaries of the 1950s and ‘60s. Although BLUEGRASS JOURNEY touches on the history of the music, it is an “experience film.” The focus is today's bluegrass scene, and the artists portrayed are amongst the top musicians of bluegrass' third and fourth generations. Del McCoury played with Bill Monroe in the early 60s, but for the past twenty years his very successful band has included his two sons. The band Nickel Creek, which won a Grammy this year for Best Contemporary Folk Album, features child prodigies Chris Thile and the brother and sister Sean and Sara Watkins. Dobro virtuoso Jerry Douglas is now featured in Alison Krauss' band, Union Station.

It took Oxenberg and Schumer seven years to make the film. Although Oxenberg had 18 years of experience producing for network television, including stints at ABC News Turning Point, Good Morning America, NBC News Today Show, and Turner Broadcasting System, she had never done an independent project. Schumer, a research scientist and eye surgeon, had no film production experience, but he brought a wealth of other skills to the project. A talented still photographer and life-long guitar player, he possessed a keen, inquisitive intelligence and “can-do” attitude. Piece by piece, together they figured out how to make a movie.

They formed a production company and financed the film through private investment. Thanks to the initial entrée provided by ABC News, they further developed their contacts in the bluegrass world and were welcomed into the inner circle of top musicians and industry leaders. They were granted complete access to film whatever they chose.

Oxenberg and Schumer shot the bulk of their material in 2000. They worked with camera and soundmen that Oxenberg had come to know through her years in network television. The process was true documentary, cinema-verité style. They let the cameras roll freely, collecting as much good footage as they could, which they later shaped in the edit room.

In 2002, they brought on editor and co-director Nancy Kennedy. Her feature film credits included the Sundance Audience award winner THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT, and RIDING THE RAILS, a documentary about teenage hobos during the Depression Era, which also played at Sundance and won the LA Film Critics Award for Best Documentary in 1999. Kennedy, a classically trained musician, immediately and intuitively grasped what Oxenberg and Schumer were hoping to achieve and brought her own considerable narrative, aesthetic and technical skills to the project. The editing took eight months.

The multi-track live recordings were mixed in Nashville, Tennessee by veteran recording engineer Bil VornDick, whose credits read like a Who's Who of the Nashville music industry.

All in all they shot 142 hours of footage. The final film is 86 minutes long.

The film is being represented for theatrical and television distribution by Richard Abramowitz, of Abramorama, Inc. Previous projects he's worked on include John Sayles' THE BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET and MATEWAN, Jonathan Demme's STOP MAKING SENSE and SWIMMING TO CAMBODIA, Tom Stoppard's ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD, and Merchant Ivory's A ROOM WITH A VIEW. Richard can be contacted at

For more information, please visit or contact Ruth Oxenberg or Rob Schumer through the film's website contact link or at the above numbers.

Laura Marks

Updated on May 7, 2003

From TR:

Let this writing serve as an open letter to all persons who enjoy listening to and participating in the art of acoustic oriented music (or any art form for that matter).

First of all, I do not own or use a computer, at least not yet. So far I have had no use for one, but the jury is still out on the future. I do not have however contempt for the device.

I do however still play an acoustic guitar, unamplified. Also, I like cars with high powered v-8 engines, and very often prefer listening to music reproduced on vinyl whenever it sounds more pleasant than its digital counterpart. I still grind and make my own coffee in the morning. I still prefer simplicity over unnecessary complexity. I do not for example believe that a fire-arm will self discharge. If we can blame gun manufacturers for homicide, then we should also blame the box cutter knife industry for the downing of the flight over PA on 9/11. I believe Bill Gates deserves every dime he has made and whoever doesn't like it has every right to invent a better operating system and put their name on the sign of the company.

My convictions are as simple as I know how to make them for a given circumstance. I do not profess to be an “expert” anything. I have the same short-comings, imperfections, and afflictions that all of you do. I believe we all do and do not have certain rights, we all however have the “liberty” to screw up.

Secondly, what all this is leading up to is any and all controversy of late, about anything from anybody. There is a word I use to describe controversy for the sake of controversy itself. It is called “bullshit”. Some controversy is valid and some is not. When used as a vehicle for something constructive is good. When conjured up out of jealousy and or boredom it is “bullshit”.

There are however people, who have the “right” to initiate negative controversy. They consist of folks out there who have every single aspect of their lives in perfect order. Those so gifted as to have everything a human being can have and plenty of it so much so that the only thing between them and terminal bliss is controversial “bullshit”. Maybe I should cut to the chase and explain a couple of things.

I am fortunate that I have a website (whatever that is) for the exchange of interests, ideas, comments, etc. pertaining to my music and career, and some of but not all of my personal life and history.

This is my website to the exclusion of all other websites. Like it or not, it is mine . I want to thank Christian and Laura and MagicBus for making this creative avenue all possible. I learned of this company through my dear friend and favorite musician, Vassar Clements.

Now, I do not wish to engage in any controversy and I do not endorse or oppose any cause necessarily. Therefore I welcome any and all kinds of interests that are dedicated to the furtherance of music created by me or anyone else for that matter, from anyone. I do not approve of this or any other website being used as a weapon to slander people guilty or not. Especially accusations made against someone who is not immediately present to defend themselves. I believe there are two sides to every story.

I try to take some pride in my music but I am also equally proud of my audience and supporters. My audience knows “bullshit” from trouble makers who don't have all their electrical connections in the brain firing in the correct order.

I will endorse any “link” (whatever that means) to my website that is constructive, from anyone, anywhere, anytime. I will oppose any controversy or information designed to deceive or mis-inform.

You “bullshitters” know who you are and so do good ordinary citizens from all walks of life who make up my audience.

A loving heart and soul felt thanks to all of you who take interest in this music form and my participation in it. I do not have any disrespect for anyone with this writing, nor am I accusing anyone of anything that is not grounded. And I do believe in a universal creator that I call God.


Tony Rice
May 7, 2003

Updated on April 15, 2003

My husband, Steve, did a fantastic job of writing the following article the night after the event, but due to circumstances beyond our control, I'm just now getting it on the site. I hope you all enjoy it. And I understand that those who attended the show at Suwannee Park in Florida on the 22nd of March were equally pleased with Tony's performance!

Wow! You missed a great show at the Orange Peel in Asheville, NC, March 15th, if you didn't go. The first show dazzled the audience with straight-ahead, hard-driving LRB (Lonesome River Band) material. By the second show, when the band stepped back on stage, the crowd was ready for more and no one was disappointed. Guitarist Brandon Rickman made an announcement that the second half of the show was going to be a Tony Rice Unit affair that would take us back through time to the days Tony played with the New South and the Bluegrass Album Band. Could this be the heir apparent? As I've said before – Wow! What a band!

These guys have a special air about them. I guess magical would best describe this event. The solid rhythm and lead guitar work Brandon brings and the hard-driving and tasteful mandolin of Jeff Parker coupled with the absolute impeccable bass playing of Irl Hees form the heartbeat of this great sounding group. To add up the rest of this equation is almost impossible – how can you put a label on the banjo playing of Sammy Shelor? Maybe drive with a whole lot of taste?

And last, but surely not least, the mold that produced a night of music that will be with this very fortunate audience for a long time to come, Mr. Tony Rice playing with intensity, taste (as always) and a whole lot of that thing we call DRIVE created that SpaceGrass aura that made this evening unforgettable. Tony's playing of Shenandoah midway through the second set was flawless and quieted the audience to almost total silence. It was absolutely GREAT!

The whole evening was a virtual walk through bluegrass history and what a soulful walk it was. Well, I guess I'd better get back to work, but before I go, let me say on behalf of the staff at SpaceGrass Productions, Tony and LRB, thanks to the fans for making this a very special evening at the Peel.

Kathi Fox

Updated on August 29, 2002

Congratulations to Zack Caldwell of Marion, North Carolina who was the first to respond to our new “Ask Tony” feature on the Guest Book. As the first fan to “Ask Tony” a question, he will be receiving a complimentary autographed photo which he has requested to be sent to his fellow State Trooper, John Fairchild, as he is “a real big fan of Tony's.” That's a very nice gesture, Zack!

Zack's question for Tony was if he had any TV appearances coming up “like with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band or Austin City Limits.” Well, Zack, Tony's answer to this question was, “There is nothing scheduled for now, but expect something in the future.” He gave no hint as to what is to be expected, but it is great to know that we have something like this to look forward to.

The second question I posed to Tony was from his fan, Grant Gordy, who states, “Mr. Rice: I am sure you hear this kind of stuff all the time, but your music has been quite an influence of mine since I was a little kid. Lately, though, I have been more interested in jazz kind of stuff; I was wondering, do you still play tunes like ‘Gasology' and ‘Devlin' or ‘My Favorite Things'?” Grant also notes that he “love(s) straight bluegrass,” but finds the jazz “not only more creative in its own respect, but more intellectually stimulating.”

Grant, Tony assures us that he continues to play “all music forms.” Even now, as he is on the JamGrass tour, Tony shares the stage with the innovator of “dawg” music, Dave Grisman, shortly after his initial set with Peter Rowan and Billy and Bryn Bright. All of this, in addition to his improvisational versions of Shenandoah and Danny Boy, reflect Tony's awesome capabilities in performing a variety of music genre.

We appreciate the time that many of you are taking to participate in the “Ask Tony” feature. Please remember, however, that the number of questions received, the availability of Tony, and the nature of questions asked will determine the amount of time it takes to respond and whether an answer will be given. Peace always,

Kathi Fox

Updated on August 16, 2002

I have thought for days as to what I could put on this page. Several times I wrote responses to comments that were put on this website and as many times deleted them. Brought to mind were the auto accidents in which our friends were recently involved. They were driving along the road, obeying the rules of the road; and then someone crossed the line taking a number of others with them.

It's hard to believe that such a small mistake can cause such a nasty crash. You relent to the realization that things have gotten out of control and all you can do is hope and pray that when it's all over, everyone will be okay. The lucky ones walk away. Others who aren't so lucky are severely injured or are gone forever. They will be missed.

Everyone looks at each moment of his or her life and derives from it his or her own truth as to what occurs in a moment of time. They accept their truth and move on with their lives. The past cannot be changed, as much as many of us wish it could. All any of us has is the moment we are in here and now.

All of us have lives outside of our jobs and voluntary contributions that require our time and attention. At times, those things must take priority over our jobs. Just throwing out some food for thought.

Considering the challenge of the many and distant shows Tony has had scheduled, things have gone very well. Most reports from fans have been extremely positive. We love Tony as a person and as a musician. We give him our full support and are grateful that he is doing well and continue to look forward to hearing from his loving and appreciative fans. Peace always,

Kathi Fox

Updated on July 8, 2002

Sometimes, life takes unexpected turns which seem to just pull the rug completely out from under you and make you fall so hard that the air is knocked out of you and gives you the feeling that nothing matters; but yet, you realize that everything actually matters more. Such has been our lives of late. For the last three weeks, our concerns have been with friends who have suffered horrible tragedies. One, my best friend's mom, still lying unconscious in Wake's ICU after being in a head-on collision; another, our 31-year-old friend who had a massive heart attack while driving and veering off a road in Virginia, now probably playing banjo with Bill Monroe and John Hartford where the “grass is bluer on the other side.” We'll miss you, Steve. Our thoughts and prayers are with his dad, Julian, mother, Mo, sister, Julia and son, Clay.

Tony's been awfully busy over the last month performing shows with Peter Rowan and Billy and Bryn Bright at Ram's Head in Annapolis, Maryland; at The Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia; at Starr Hill Music Hall in Charlottesville, Virginia; and at Sunshine Daydream in Terra Alta, West Virginia. The show at Ram's Head was an exciting, quality event where the audience was very involved. Renditions of Wild Mustang and Santa Fe brought the house down! Major traffic delays through the DC area temporarily dampened the spirits of fans and performers alike for the first session at Birchmere; however, the atmosphere heated up quickly once the fans warmed up to Peter and Bryn's harmony, Billy's melodic mandolin, and, of course, Tony's improvisational wonders. (I had the pleasure of meeting several of Tony's fans whom I had conversed with through the website. Hello to Jim and Nancy O'Connell and to Michael Barton. Thanks for your kindness in allowing us to share your table. I really enjoyed your company.) At Starr Hill Music Hall, despite sound problems and a few broken strings, the audience stomped and begged (without success) for the band to continue. Sunshine Daydream's very cool and wet weather forced musicians inside the barn where, once again, Tony, Peter, Billy and Bryn intrigued the crowd with Mexican Air Force and Panama Red. David Grisman had the stage after this show, and imagine the thrill of all in attendance when Tony was called back onto the stage at which point they “dawged” the crowd into a frenzy. What a show!

On June 26th, Tony “rocked the house” with the Larry Keel Experience at the Grey Eagle Tavern in Asheville, North Carolina with a show that was sold out. Thanks again to our Graphic Artist, Drew Kirkpatrick, who assisted in merchandise sales. We owe special appreciation to this fellow who has been with us even before the conception of the website.

I've been informed by a couple of “regulars” that the website address I provided in the previous “What's New” for MerleFest photos was misspelled. Seems I left an “e” out of Paul Cheney's last name. (Sorry, Paul!) The correct URL is and I hope that all of you do visit his website to check out the fabulous photos taken by Paul. He is quite the photographer!

I have a personal request for those of you who are attending any of Tony's shows. Since it not feasible for me to attend all of Tony's shows, it would help tremendously if we could get feedback from the fans who do attend so that we can accurately update this page. So, I am asking any of you who are willing to participate to please send an e-mail to with your comments in this regard. It would be greatly appreciated; and if specific wording is used that is yours, you will receive credit for your work. That's it for What's New at this time and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Peace always,

Kathi Fox

Updated on May 11, 2002

What a fantastic time everyone seemed to have at MerleFest 2002 – all 81,000 of them! Please take the time to connect to Paul Cheny's ( website to check out the fabulous photos taken of the various jams at the festival. Thanks for sharing!

Tony shared the stage with numerous well-known musicians throughout the weekend. For his first set on Friday, he joined Peter Rowan at Creekside along with Billy and Bryn Bright (who have just released a new all-instrumental CD entitled Billy & Bryn Bright with Tony, Peter, Vassar Clements and twin fiddler, Eamon McLoughlin, as well as Danny Barnes on the banjo). Despite plaguing sound problems during this set, the quartet played on like the true champs that they are. Just as the sun was setting, Tony made his way down to the Cabin for a duo with Peter. Saturday began at Creekside once again with Peter and Bryn with Sam Bush and Alan O'Bryant joining them for this set. Shortly thereafter, Alison Krauss and Union Station and other national acts presented the “15th Anniversary MerleFest Jam” to a huge crowd of 40,000 folks plus on the main stage. Tony first set up store with an amazing showcase of music (primarily Bluegrass) with Rowan again, as well as old friends Sam Bush and Alan O'Bryant. What a set! Tony then participated in Doc's jam, as well as a fun set of fiddle tunes with Sam Bush and Jerry Douglas. Later that evening Tony and Sam Bush shared a short session at the Cabin. Sunday brought Tony together again with Peter Rowan and the Texas Trio for an awesome Hillside event. Finally, Tony left Wilkesboro on fire jamming with the Larry Keel Experience as he showcased his incredible improvisational talent. His last tune performed with Keel gained great applause as it sent chills through the crowd. What a memorable event it was!

One of the highlights of the festival for me was getting to meet some of Tony's fans in person whom I have dealt with over the website (Tom Pirog from Alaska, Caroline Donnelly from Georgia, Mark VanLuven from New York, and Jon Hancock (a wonderfully talented photographer from West Virginia whom I met during a show earlier this year in Charleston). Sorry that I missed Gerry O'Neil, the first fan to purchase from the site, and a few others I've met through the website. A special thanks to Ursula Lowenberg who came all the way from Switzerland! We also had the pleasure of the company of Christian and Laura Marks of MagicBus.Com attended with their exceptionally intelligent son, Rabon.

Now I need to go back a couple of weeks and mention the incredible show at Rockingham County High School where Tony shared the stage with the new Lonesome River Band. We are growing more fond of these guys every time we experience them. Sammy Shelor, you are one special fellow! But I must comment that one of the main highlights of this show was when Irl Hees performed an awe-inspiring solo of “Working on the Building” on his bass. Never, and I mean never, has a bass been played so well in my humble opinion.

We are still working on the details of forming the Tony Rice Fan Club. Any of you fans who have thoughts and suggestions about this are welcome to send your comments to We can't make any promises, but as it is the fan club, your input should be considered. An updated itinerary has been promised from Keith Case's office anytime now. The next show I know about that's not on the current itinerary is at the Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia on June 13th at 7:30 p.m. Hope you all consider coming! Visit for ticket information.

Kathi Fox

Updated on April 15, 2002

Thanks to all of you Tony Rice fans for your faithful support of Just within the last two weeks, we have gotten orders all the way from Japan and Greece! (Thanks Kiyoshi Seto and Yiannis Gougourelas! Spread the word “over there”!) I must say that it is such a pleasure to spend time with each of you on the phone or through e-mails. My favorite part of this opportunity of working with Tony is to listen to his fans talking about how much he has influenced their love for the music and to see the smiles break over their faces and hear the applause when Tony enters the stage.

The new Tony Rice DVDs are to be released on April 15th from Homespun Tapes and the videos arrived Friday! With assistance from Happy Traum and brother, Wyatt, this 2-volume set certainly provides Tony's greatest instructional release yet with solo arrangements on all skill levels from a number of his recordings. From the technical Shenandoah to the simpler Last Thing on My Mind, Tony demonstrates "The Tony Rice Method" to his fans. Other pieces include an amazing rendition of Nine Pound Hammer and the timeless classic I Am a Pilgrim. As well, Tony reveals insight into key aspects of his talent from tuning, warming up and other elements exposing his ability as mentor to hopeful and fervent students. The cost for this set is $59.95 plus Shipping & Handling fees. Also, we now have Tony's guitar strings in stock for $7.00 per pack and we are in the process of preparing a special Fan Club offer to be available hopefully by MerleFest thanks to the help of Tony's biggest fan, Allen Tolbert, and our Graphic Design Specialist (who is responsible for the SpaceGrass logo), Drew Kirkpatrick.

Tony performed in Live Oak, Florida at the prestigious Spirit of the Suwannee Park SpringFest on March 22nd and 23rd. Even though I, personally, was unable to attend the show, many fans have commented that they had an excellent time, despite a few sound problems. Tony took center stage and performed a memorable show with America's beloved, Doc Watson, and stunned the crowd during shows with the Larry Keel Experience as well as Peter Rowan & the Texas Trio with Vassar Clements. Beth Judy with Magnolia Music Events noted that Tony is well loved by the folks at Live Oak and could see that he was enjoying himself during his performances and looks forward to his return. (Bless you for your kindness, Beth!)

April 5th took Tony to Roxboro, North Carolina at the Kirby Civic Center with the Lonesome River Band. A fairly new group, Second Chance, shared its talent through the sound check and between LRB sets. (These are some great guys! Rick and Gary, the pleasure was ours!) After putting on a tremendous, absolutely fantastic show, Sammy Shelor and the guys made themselves available for autographs and discussion, sharing love and appreciation that brought them even closer to the hearts of their fans. When Tony came out on the stage, you could cut the “awe” in the air with a knife! Thanks to all you fans for your support and positive feedback during and after the show, and a special thanks to Rob Hall for sharing his bluegrass knowledge and for his courteous assistance with sales.

Tony's next event will be at the Rockingham County High School in Wentworth, North Carolina on April 21st. Fast Forward will open the show at 7:30 p.m. and Tony and the Lonesome River Band will begin somewhere around 8:15 p.m. Call Perfect Sound at 336.349.3000 for advance tickets. Hopefully, we will see many of you there and if not, we'll see you at MerleFest!

Kathi Fox

Updated on March 19, 2002

First of all, please note our new mailing address which is now Post Office Box 836, Reidsville, NC 27323-0836. This will be updated on the website by the wonderful folks at MagicBus.Com very soon. Also, they will be linking SpaceGrass Productions with PayPal, so all of you who are wishing to use your credit cards for purchases may do so.

I'm sad to say that the time has come for us to adjust product prices from our sales amount and bring them closer to regular retail amounts to cover the costs involved in operating the company. These prices will be effective as of April 1st, so any of you wishing to pay the sale amounts still have a little time to get in on the deals. Just remember, this is the only place you can get the product autographed.

Some good news is that we will soon be offering D'Aquisto Strings for sale with Tony's photo on the package which will also be autographed by Tony. Look for them soon on the merchandise page. Tony has also recorded two new instructional videos which, according to Homespun, are to be released in April. Soon thereafter, they plan to make them available on DVD, something I know many of you have been anxiously waiting for.

Tony has been very busy with his shows and is enjoying the attention and praise being poured upon him by his fans. The shows with Peter Rowan in Charleston, West Virginia and with the Lonesome River Band in Blacksburg, Virginia were hard-driving and hot. Larry Keel fans were reeling at the three shows in Greenville, South Carolina and in Asheville and Charlotte, North Carolina (except for the problems with sound in Charlotte), and were thrilled by the energy that Tony and Vassar's skills brought to the shows. I was unable to attend the show in Ashland, Kentucky; but I understand from comments I received from fans that it, too, was a tremendous success. I apologize to those who wanted to purchase merchandise there… It was there; it just wasn't put out by the vendors. Tony's two shows with Blue Highway in Bristol, Virginia were nothing but wonderful. Folks were attentive and excited to have Tony in their area, and their responses were all positive. Tony made many new fans that day, and those who have been fans throughout the years were more than happy to share their various stories about Tony with anyone who was willing to lend an ear. A special thanks to Larry Gorley for all the time and effort he put forth in making these shows a great success, and also to Tim Stafford for pointing me in Larry's direction for assistance. (Tim, you were absolutely right about the fellow!)

Love from Tony and peace always, Kathi Fox

Kathi Fox

Updated on December 21, 2001

OK, I know that I haven't been updating this as often as I should. I'm catching it on all sides about this, so I guess I'd better “just do it”! Thanks to many of you “out there,” I have been very busy trying to keep up with orders for Christmas gifts. Many CDs are about sold out, so I do hope if anyone calls for something not available at the time, that you will please practice patience. Take note that Christian Marks of MagicBus.Com has added four more CDs to the Merchandise page; however, we are already out of Running Wild, so this is one we will be reordering.

I suppose I should go all the way back to the Charlotte venue, The Neighborhood Theater, where Tony was invited to play for the theater's 300th show celebration. Michael Reno Harrell and Tony were the first entertainers ever to play at the theater, so they were invited back to play for this anniversary. Everyone had a wonderful time listening and laughing at and loving the stories Michael Reno sang to tunes that kept bodies swaying and folks smiling. Then Tony came out on stage with Peter Rowan and got things wound up all over again with awesome guitar and mandolin licks and yodels and sweet, sweet Shenandoah… It was a great evening.

Tony's next trip took him to The Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan; The Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, Illinois; and finally to the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As reflected by all of the positive comments on the Guest Book and from calls and e-mails that we received from those who attended, these gigs were a huge success. We'd like to give a special thanks to Meredith Kaplan at the Old Town School of Folk Music for assisting us not only in getting this trip set up, but also in helping us with our product that we sent there to sell. But most of all, we'd like to give our appreciation to all of Tony's fans for their support in attending and for purchasing product.

As for Tony's upcoming schedule of events, the only venue I am aware of at this time is on December 27th at the Birchmere with the Tony Rice Unit featuring Dan Tyminski, Rickie and Ronnie Simpkins, and Sammy Shelor. For more information, please go to and check out their schedule.

This year has been a tremendous learning experience not only for those of us here at SpaceGrass, but also for every soul that September 11th has touched in one way or another. It's a different world now, and we have all been reflecting on how our lives and our ideals have changed. As Christmas arrives and the New Year moves in, let's all recognize that we can't take each other and our freedoms for granted, and be vigilant in our own behavior toward others as individuals and not let our prejudices direct our lives. All of us want and need peace, so let us pray that all of our troops be safe and return home soon and that every man, woman, child and animal be safe, warm, healthy and happy now and forever. I know this is being idealistic, but this is my hope for each and every one of you. God Bless and Peace Always,

Kathi Fox

Updated on Sunday, October 28, 2001

In the wee hours of the morning of October 13, 2001, shortly after Tony Rice had exited the backstage area of Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis, Missouri, was launched. The website has been a great success as reflected by the number of Guest Book entries. Tony has checked out the site and has expressed his pleasure at the positive response from his fans. As folks spread the word that the site is up and running, more and more e-mails and phone calls are coming in. We are psyched! Thanks to all of you for making the site launching such a success.

Many of you will be thrilled to know that more dates have been added to Tony's schedule for the month of November. You may wish to check out the Tour Dates section and make revisions to your calendar as a reminder. Who knows? Maybe we will get to meet some of you at one or more of these events.

Now for the really big news! On October 30th, a new CD by Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersen, Running Wild, is to be released by Rounder who states that, “…Running Wild is their (RRH&P's) most integrated, coherent statement yet - a stirring collection of songs both new and old, given masterful interpretations.” And that “… Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersen are very much their own band - expertly blending country, bluegrass, folk, and more into soulful, contemporary acoustic music that sounds like nobody else.” Running Wild is produced by Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersen with Bill Wolf.

In celebration of the successful launching of the website and the release of Running Wild, we are putting Tony's product on sale until the first of the year 2002. CDs are to sell for $13.99 plus $3.00 S&H (except for Tone Poems which is $16.99 plus $3.00 S&H). T-shirts are also $13.99 plus $3.00 S&H. Hats are $16.99 plus $3.00 S&H.

Coming Soon!?! -- There's a rumor afloat that D'Aquisto is working on packaging sets of strings that are the same type as those used by “the man” himself! Can't wait!

Kathi Fox

Last updated on Saturday, October 6, 2001

Elated and still blissfully ecstatic from attending one of two Tony Rice performances held on July 18th at the Kentucky Theater in Lexington and on July 19th at the Rhyman in Nashville, Tennessee, fans reported to SpaceGrass Productions within hours after the shows the pleasure they received from Tony's superb presentation and that they detected nothing but perfection in his shows. Similar responses were made to his appearances in Lyons, Silverthorne, and Aspen, Colorado, as well as those in West Virginia and Charlottesville, Virginia. We anticipate his venue at the Harvest Fest in Atlanta, Georgia on September 29th will be as rewarding to those who attend.

Kathi Fox